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Just Sport Ireland (“JSI”) is an independent dispute resolution service for Irish Sport offering both a Mediation and Arbitration facility. JSI aims to provide a fair, impartial and efficient resolution of sporting disputes thus helping to ensure justice and fairness in sport. Just Sport Ireland will deal with all disputes arising in a sporting context save for anti-doping and employment issues.

The arbitration and mediation services offered by JSI, at long last provide a favourable alternative for the resolution of sporting disputes to pursing what can be an expensive and protracted court action with all the potential for adverse publicity and damaging relations, such an action can entail.

Just Sport Ireland has been founded on the tenets of simplicity, accessibility and enforceability. Its procedures have been decided to be simple and easy to use without the need for legal representation. It is a principal aim of Just Sport Ireland that the arbitration and mediation service offered by it be cost-effective.

Recourse to the services offered by Just Sport Ireland may be had by agreement between the parties to a dispute, where provided for in the governing rules of a sporting organisation or in some other form of agreement/contract between the parties.

Further details and Sample Clauses can be found by clicking on using JSI.

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